My Garbage Disposal Stopped Working: Easy Step To Fix It

Do not fret out when your garbage disposal stopped working. There are easy step for garbage disposal repair which you can follow and implement.

When the home garbage disposal motor does not move or no humming sound, it indicates that there is an electrical problem. In order to troubleshoot garbage disposal, go through the instruction listed below.

The first step is to make sure there is power supply to the disposal. Check the following is in order:
a. Power cord is plug in
b. Switch is turn on
c. Circuit breaker is turn on in electrical service panel.

Check again to ensure garbage disposal stopped working with power turn on and go to the next stage.

Look for the garbage disposal reset button located at the base or side of the unit. In the event there is an overload, the unit will shut down automatically. Then you have to reset it before you can use it again. Proceed to press the button to reset it if necessary.  

Next, open the electrical service panel and locate the circuit breaker serving the disposer. Ensure that the breaker is in the “on” position. There is a possibility that it has tripped and turns off the power.

If the breaker goes back to trip again even after resetting, then it might be current overloading or short circuit. For those who have no experience or skill in troubleshooting electrical problems, its best to contact a technician to solve the problem.

Up to now if disposer not working, the next thing is to examine the switch box mounted at the wall or underneath the sink. Turn off power to the kitchen garbage disposal. Open up the housing of the switch box to examine for any loose or broken wire.

Replace a new switch box if it is faulty. One (1) more additional step we can do is to inspect the garbage disposal wiring connection. The termination is usually located at the underside of the unit. 

Open the cover to reveal the wire termination. Examine closely for any wires that are loose or broken. Install back the cover after checking.  

When you resume power to disposal, is your garbage disposal working now? If not, the last thing for you to do is to measure the incoming voltage. For those without any electrical experience or skills, it is better to contact the technician.

Did your garbage disposal receive the incoming voltage? If it is present, it is an indication that the unit is faulty. You need to send it for repair or get a new replacement

Does your garbage disposal stopped working frequently? Are you having a lot of garbage disposal problems? The unit might have worn out and therefore you need a new replacement.

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